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Clump 'N Flush 15.6lbs Pine/Lavender Scent


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Clump 'N Flush
•Maximum Odor Control - All natural corncob particles trap odors quickly.
•Safely Flushable - Won't harm toilets or septic systems. No clogging or residual buildup.
•Lightweight - Half the weight of clumping cat litter with the same number of uses. Easier to carry and dispose of.
•Exclusive Corncob Formula - Absorbs more than four times its own weight.
•Fast Clumping Formula - Hard clumps form quickly, eliminating sticky, messy cleanup.
Ingredients: Ground corn cobs, fragrance, and clumping agent


1.Fill litter box with at least two to three inches of Clump 'N Flush.
2.Scoop out clumps and solid wastes daily.
3.Flush clumps and solid wastes in toilet.
4.Refill box to the two to three inch level.
Changing Litter Brands

Some cats find changing litter brands frustrating. These transition tips will help you help your cat accept the new litter.

•Do not replace your old brand of litter all at once. Gradually add small amounts of Clump 'N Flush to existing litter.
•Do not force your cat into the tray. Allow your pet to become used to the new texture at its own pace.
•Relax. Manufacturer testing shows cats and kittens make the transition easily and quickly.
Please Note:

•The manufacturer would like to remind their customers, especially pregnant women and immunosuppressed persons, that cat feces can sometimes transmit a disease call toxoplasmosis. Therefore, always wash your hands thoroughly after handling used litter.
•Never flush entire contents of litter tray down a toilet.
•Do not flush Clump 'N Flush in combination with other cat litters

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  • Manufactured by: Clump 'N Flush cat litter

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